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Skill up at OMRON Safety Skill Builder Workshop to create a sustainable, safe workplace.

3 Key Elements To Create
A Safe, Compliant Environment

When a machine presents potential hazards to operators or other personnel in the machine area, it must be safeguarded and maintained. Is your workplace compliant with the following 3 key elements?

Are your machines guarded to all relevant standards?
Do you have a documented risk assessment to verify this compliance?
Have your employees been trained on machine guarding requirements?

If you are unsure, or the answer is no to one of these questions, you or your team will benefit by joining OMRON Safety Skill Builder Workshop. While many safety discrepancies may be corrected by your plant maintenance engineer, some may require additional expertise to solve.

OMRON Safety Skill Builder Workshop

Conducted on-site at your convenience, Skill Builders are 2 days Workshop that educate your plant personnel on the requirements and methods of machine safeguarding. This helps them to identify, and sometimes correct, machine safeguarding discrepancies.

Why Is This Useful For You & Your Company

Conducted by two OMRON professionals, attendees will be empowered with greater knowledge to identify, assess, reduce and avoid potential hazards throughout your facility.

Your plant personnel will be trained on the following:

  • Identify machine hazards
  • Accurately assess machine hazard risks
  • Proper machine guarding techniques and applications of guarding devices
  • Learn about the latest safeguarding technologies and how to apply them
  • Machine guarding requirements as set by regulatory and consensus standards
  • Safety circuit design requirements based on risk level
  • Evaluate on-site production equipments and safeguarding methods used (practical session)
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Who Should Attend?

  • EH&S personnel
  • Plant Maintenance and Engineering teams
  • Production Managers
  • All managers concerned with the safety of plant personnel

The Safety Skill Builder Workshop has the most impact when the corporate EH&S Manager along with the plant level safety people meet at one plant location. Classes are small with no more than 20 in attendance.

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Program Overview

Day 1 Classroom

Understanding standards, risks and solutions

  • Identifying machine hazards
  • Hazard risk assessment
  • Applicable regulatory and consensus standards
  • Machine guarding techniques and technologies
  • Safety circuit design requirements based on risk level

Day 2 Workshop

Sample machine assessment

  • Work side-by-side with an OMRON Safety Specialist
  • Choose examples of your equipment for assessment
  • Conduct assessment with guidance from our specialist
  • Identify and review mitigation options to eliminate risks
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