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Discontinued On Mar. 2017


Digital Fiber Amplifier Unit


Stable Detection with Advanced Fiber Amplifier Units

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"Won't stop the line" on all sites, any scene

E3X-DA-S Features 1

*1. M4 transmissive fiber unit E32-T11L 2.5m
*2. Reflective fiber unit E32-D24R (theoretical value)

E3X-DA-S Features 2

Unparalleled Giga power obtains the world's highest stable detection

Even in severe environments in which oil or dust adhere to the sensor, detection margin is ensured by the unparalleled power of the GIGA RAY. This reduces the number of times maintenance needs to be performed and prevents equipment stoppage due to malfunction. What's more, even large workpieces and low-reflective workpieces such as black rubber whose detection was traditionally unstable can now be detected stably.

E3X-DA-S Features 4

Realized through Omron’s proprietary optical design technology and ultra-high-precision production technology

E3X-DA-S Features 5

Pleased especially on such a site of the factory

E3X-DA-S Features 6
E3X-DA-S Features 7

Long-term stable performance APC (Automatic Power Control)
Long-term stable light intensity reduces equipment maintenance

E3X-DA-S Features 8

Even having strong power means nothing if the quality quickly deteriorates. Since the release of the E3X-DA-N series, Omron's proprietary APC circuits continue to deliver more piece of mind.
Long-term stable detection is our promise. This is another reason our products are selected by customers.

E3X-DA-S Features 9

Pleasing and reassuring Power Tuning [PAT]
Easy operation makes for assured line quality

Only one click of the Mode key! There are no complicated settings to perform-Incident level is adjusted automatically to suit any application. In addition, the meaning of the display will not change as the sensor is operated, so it is possible to help the equipment to return to the operation intended by its designer.

E3X-DA-S Features 10
E3X-DA-S Features 11

World's first ATC (Active Threshold Control) function [PAT]
Equipment's stable operating time is extended

In applications with a severe threshold, such as glass detecton, even a small amount of dirt can bring the equipment to a halt. In these situations, it is possible to prevent equipment malfunction due to dust or other dirt by actuating the active threshold control function.

E3X-DA-S Features 13

* The monitaring range is set inside the Sensor according to the threshold value.
    The threshold value is compensated when there are any fluctuations within this range.

APC term of approximately 20 years + APC margin display function

E3X-DA-S Features 14

Visible amplifier [Type 1]
APC term margin can be seen!

Ultra-long-term APC is reassuring in equipment for which frequent maintenance is not possible. What's more, the margin for APC term can be checked, making planned maintenance possible.

APC term margin monitor display function

APC term can be checked simply by pressing the Mode button. This makes it possible to set up a maintenance plan.

E3X-DA-S Features 16

Maintenance notice function

APC alarm output notifies the user before the APC is shut down.
This makes it possible to replace amplifier before the equipment stops.

Incorrect operation prevention function

By locking the slide switch after settings are completed, the amplifier can be shipped with reassurance. This also eliminates any concerns about incorrect operation when maintenance is being performed.

E3X-DA-S Features 18

Application example

E3X-DA-S Features 19

Semiconductor equipment shipped overseas, such as wafer detecting devices

Two-fold faster response time + Slowmotion display function

E3X-DA-S Features 20

Visible amplifier [Type 2]
Incident level of high-speed workpieces can be seen! [PAT.P]

With detection of high-speed workpieces, whether or not there is any margin with the response time can be a concern. However, digital displays not being in real time, it has been impossible to tell incident level in the instant when the detected object passes the sensor. The slowmotion display function displays the history of incident level before and after the workpiece passed through the sensor in slow motion. In addition, the sensor's ON time is displayed in microseconds (μs)unit, making it possible to check the response time margin.

E3X-DA-S Features 22

∗ If the ON time exceeds 1.5 ms, the error message “OVER” will be displayed. If the change in light intensity is too
    small, the error message “NON DETC” will be displayed.

Application example

E3X-DA-S Features 23

Detection of minute chip passing through