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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Fiber Units

Fiber Units, a wide variation of shapes, enviroment-resistives and special-beams, can meet your needs with Amplifier Units.

Fiber Units List

There are 3 products of Fiber Units.

E32-LT11N / LD11N / LR11NP Hex-shaped Fiber Unit E32-LT11N / LD11N / LR11NP

Fiber Units with Build-in Lenses provide more stable detection and simpler, more reliable installation.

E32-T11NF[] Oil-resistant Fiber Units E32-T11NF[]

Fiber Units for Reliable, Stable Operation in Cutting Oil Environments

E32 Series Fiber Sensors E32 Series

OMRON's Fiber Sensors continue to support an increasing range of applications.