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General-purpose Relays

Model Number
of Poles
Operating Coil Ratings Contact Ratings Certification No.
MY( )
(New model)
2 6, 12, 24, 48/50, 100/110, 110/120, 200/220, 220/240V AC
6, 12, 24, 48, 60, 100/110, 125, 220V DC
10A 250V AC(cosφ=1.0)
10A 30V DC(L/R=0ms)
4 5A 250V AC(cosφ=1.0)
5A 30V DC(L/R=0ms)
LY( )-VD 1 6, 12, 24, 50, 100/110, 200/220V AC
6, 12, 24, 48, 100/110V DC
10A 250V AC(cosφ=1.0)
7A 250V AC(cosφ=0.4)
10A 30V DC(0ms)
7A 30V DC(7ms)
2 7A 250V AC(cosφ=1.0)
4A 250V AC(cosφ=0.4)
7A 30V DC(0ms)
4A 30V DC(7ms)
G2R( )-S 1 6, 12, 24, 48, 50, 100/(110), 110, 120, 200/(220), 220, 230, 240V AC
5, 6, 12, 24, 48, 60, 100, 110V DC
5A 440V AC(cosφ=1.0)
10A 250V AC(cosφ=1.0)
10A 30V DC(0ms)
2 10A 250V AC(cosφ=1.0)
10A 30V DC(0ms)
Note: In the "file number" column, applicable standard numbers are given in parentheses.

Solid-state Relays

Model Ratings Certification No.
G3PA-210B-VD 10A 240V AC 5915
G3PA-220B-VD 20A 240V AC
G3PA-240B-VD 40A 240V AC
G3PA-260B-VD 60A 240V AC
G3PA-420B-VD 20A 400V AC 6642
G3PA-430B-VD 30A 400V AC
G3PA-420B-VD-2 20A 480V AC
G3PA-430B-VD-2 30A 480V AC
G3PA-450B-VD-2 50A 480V AC
G3B-205S-VD 5A 240V AC 40000157
G3BD-103S-VD 3A 110V DC
G3H-203S(L)(N)-VD 3A 240V AC 40000159
G3HD-X03S(N)-VD 3A 48V DC
G3F-202SN-VD 3A 240V AC
G3F-203S(L)(N)-VD 3A 48V DC
G3FD-X03S(N)-VD 3A 48V DC
G3FD-102S(N)-VD 2A 110V DC
G3PC-220B-VD 20A 240V AC 133114

Terminal Relays

Model Number of Poles Operating Coil Contact Ratings Certification No.
G6D-F4B 4PST-NO 12, 24V DC 3A 250V AC No.40017757
G6B-4BND 4PST-NO 12, 24V DC 5A 250V AC No.40021793

I/O Relay Terminals

Model Certification No.
G70A No.124796