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Photomicro Sensor: Electrical and Optical Characteristics

FAQ No. FAQ01126

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What are the electrical and optical characteristics?


Electrical and optical characteristics indicate the performance of the Photomicro Sensors under certain conditions. Most are indicated in terms of minimum and maximum values.

Basically, products are sold with performance to a standard provided by the manufacturer. Items indicated with maximum or minimum values are for lot inspections, and items indicated with typical values (TYP) are performance values that are assured or managed with periodic control.


Absolute maximum ratings and electrical and optical characteristics are included as main titles in the Photomicro Sensors catalog. (Similar expressions are used in catalogs for transistors, ICs, and other components.)
The two expressions differ in meaning, and it is necessary to understand the difference.

In summary, the absolute maximum ratings indicate the usage restrictions and electrical and optical characteristics indicate the performance limits.